When to Start

While it’s never too late for orthodontic treatment, we recommend that parents have their children examined by Dr. Maleki for the first time by the age of seven. Having an evaluation while the child is still growing by leaps and bounds enables Dr. Maleki to address any immediate issues, as well as plan for orthodontic care at a future date when it can be most efficient and cost effective.

AAO: The Right Time For an Orthodontic Check-Up: No Later than Age 7

Dr. Maleki will examine a child to see how the teeth fit together and check for cross-bites that can affect facial symmetry and teeth that protrude so much they’re at a risk for fracture. She’ll also evaluate whether there is enough room for teeth to come in and if creating space now or later is appropriate.

If the teeth are simply crooked at an age when there are still many baby teeth left, Dr. Maleki may recommend waiting for treatment, unless the appearance of the teeth are causing social problems. Please advise us of any social or self-esteem issues related to your child’s appearance so that Dr. Maleki can consider them during her examination. As a mother, Dr. Maleki is aware of the importance of this issue and welcomes your concerns by phone prior to the visit so she can address it in a way that is sensitive to the feelings of your child. Some early treatment may be appropriate to address the underlying cause.

If Dr. Maleki recommends waiting for treatment, the child will become part of our growth and development program and be checked approximately every six to 12 months. These visits are complimentary, so that parents can get all the information they need, and any treatment can be planned for a time to produce optimal results.

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