What Sets Us Apart

From the moment you first arrive at Maleki Orthodontics in Washington D.C., to the day your orthodontic treatment is done, you'll notice one thing that truly sets us apart. It's Orthodontist, Dr. Maleki.

Dr. Maleki's practice is built around personal attention from the doctor. We build our schedule to reflect our commitment to you and your busy schedule. We will start and finish your appointments on time. In fact, one complaint of our young patients is that there's never enough time to enjoy our pinball machine!

You can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, a good magazine, and access to the Dr. Maleki with every visit. The personal attention and respite from the hustle and bustle of Washington D. C. is a hallmark of Maleki Orthodontics. Many of our patients say it's the best part of their day. We hope you'll agree.

Dr. Maleki and her family reside in Potomac, Maryland. Many patients know her son, who has previously worked in the practice. He is now a tax attorney. In addition to spending time with her family, Dr. Maleki enjoys collecting antiques.

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