Once we’ve finished the active phase of your orthodontic treatment it’s important to make sure that your beautiful smile stays that way! In addition to continuing to see your general dentist for your regular dental care, you’ll need to wear retainers to keep your teeth in their new positions. Initially you’ll be wearing your retainers all the time, except when you eat or drink, but later Dr. Maleki will give you instructions for reduced retainer wear. Dr. Maleki and her team will give you a specific plan to follow that will help to keep your smile as beautiful in the future as it is the day your braces come off!

A set of retainers is included as part of your comprehensive orthodontic treatment fee, so please take care of the retainers! Rinse them off when you take them out and brush with a regular toothbrush and a gel toothpaste to keep them clean. If you notice that any part of your retainer is loose or broken, please call Maleki Orthodontics and schedule to come into our office for a repair or replacement. Wearing a misshapen or broken retainer, or not wearing your retainer as instructed, can cause gradual misalignment of your teeth that you might not notice until it requires re-treatment! Your smile is an important asset; with a little effort, its power will last a lifetime.

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